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I have handpicked equipment for quality and effectiveness. If you fish with us, you will be able to use these products and others in the size, color or model that we have found to produce results on the Potomac River. We also receive new products before they hit the market.

Skeeter/Yamaha | BoatUS | Mustad Hooks | Silver Buddy Lures | Mann's Bait Company | Lucky Craft Lures | Maui Jim Sunglasses | GAMMA fishing lines | TEVA Footwear | HANZ Waterproof Socks and Gloves | Jack's Juice Bait Spray | Mizmo Tubes | Jann's Netcraft |

SKEETER FX 20 Bass Boat with 250HP Yamaha SHO Outboard

This boat is rigged and ready for bass fishing! Big casting platform and a stable ride make for an enjoyable day on the water. There is plenty of storage for your gear and an on board cooler for your beverages and snacks. Check out the new Skeeters at: Smith Mountain Boats. (540) 576-2755 | (877) 276-2755 Ask for Scott Reynolds.


BoatUS Charter INSURANCE and Towing

I wouldn't think of hitting the water without the best insurance. My passengers and my equipment are covered. My Skeeter and my equipment including my tackle are safe. Best of all is the on the water and on the road towing. BoatUS never leaves us adrift or roadside!BoatUS Insurance. (800-283-2883)

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Mustad Hooks

The first point of contact with the fish is your hook. We begin this process with the finest line of hooks there is, MUSTAD. We use Mustad for worm hooks, replacements on our baits with treble hooks, and for stinger hooks on our spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. There is no substitute for quality on the business end of your rig!

Why Mustad? Aside from having fished with them since the 1960's, we began to search for hooks that matched up to our specialized needs as professional bass fishermen. Mustad's outstanding Pro Staff, including two of the BASSMASTERS Top 150 Potomac River's top performers Kevin Van Dam and Denny Brauer, aid in the design of the full line of bass fishing hooks.

There are a handful of hook companies. There are even fewer that make specialized hooks for bass fishing, and less that make a hook that is both sharp and durable. The point is that needle point hooks are sharp, penetrate quickly, and make small entry holes. That's the good news. The bad news is that needlepoint hooks, through their manufacturing process, remove much of the metal at the point to make them sharp, but this leaves them weak. Whether you are setting the hook in a fish, or anything else, the point will "rollover", that is the tip bends and creates a "burr". This burr eliminates the sharp point. Mustad hooks are developed to combine the benefits of the needle point, but without removing as much metal from the point, producing a more durable sharper hook! The Mustad Ultra Point provides quick and easy penetration and ultra sharpness.

For more information about the best hooks available, check out

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Mann's Bait Company
From the famous "Jelly worms" to the all new Hard Nose soft plastic baits, one company has it all! Salt injected soft plastics including the Super Finesse worms are perfect for Potomac River bassing! The HARD NOSE keeps soft plastics in place!

Dan Morehead introduced the world to the Mann's Baby 1-minus when he won the 1996 BASSMASTERS Maryland Top 150 on the Potomac River. We had been using this bait for several years. This is the perfect "guide" bait. It is easy to use for any skill level. It will bounce off of wood, it casts a mile, and it catches fish!

Nothing is more fun than to catch fish on spinnerbaits. By far, the best being made anywhere (and there are dozens of companies making them) is the Hank Parker Classic spinnerbait. We use the Colorado/Indiana blades with a white or chartreuse/white skirt. Depending on location and time of year, we use 1/4 and 3/8 ounce baits. The blades are the highest quality. The biggest advantage is the thin wire. This wire produces the most vibration, and in our not so clear conditions, this is a must.

For superb topwater action, the Mann's Classic Buzzbait, with a "clacker" is the one buzzbait for the Potomac!

The Mann's Loudmouth and Depth-Plus Series Crankbaits are productive under a variety of conditions.

We use a number of Mann's Baits and can recommend them for a variety of conditions, contact us with your questions, or check out

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Lucky Craft Lures
This Japanese company produces some awesome lures. Their top water selection is really effective. For a walk-the-dog presentation, the Sammy 115 and Sammy 100 are incredible. The Gunfish is even louder! These baits walk and spit and call fish from the depths of the Potomac River grasses with loud glass rattles. The colors are very productive.

There is nothing like a good top water bite to make a trip memorable. The Lucky Craft G-Splash Popper has just the right size and pop and spit, with rattle chamber to encourage a powerful strike.

For early spring and late fall action, nothing beats the Pointer 78 series from Lucky Craft. This suspending jerkbait casts a mile, even into the wind associated with these seasons. It also has a weight system that causes the bait to wobble and vibrate when it is stopped. This baits is so well balanced that it can achieve the "walk the dog" motion under water!

The LV-100 & LV-500 are the loudest lipless crankbaits I have ever heard! The new LRV D-7 in Mad Craw is awesome!

Visit Lucky Craft at

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Maui Jim PolarizedPlus Sunglasses
This piece of gear is essential for protection from the sun's harmful Ultraviolet A&B rays. Maui Jim sunglasses also reduce glare from above and below, and in front of and behind you. When you are targeting underwater structure or trying to pick out a fish in the water, this is essential. When you step aboard a National Bass Guide Service boat, you will see the difference Maui Jims make!

We prefer the HCL (high contrast lens) for all around fishing. This lens provides better contrast of underwater cover, making it easier to spot.

For the over 50 crowd...check out Maui Readers...with a small magnifier on the bottom of the lens to make it easier to tie knots!

Check out the full line of Maui Jims at Note the different lenses available. In many stylish frames, Maui Jims are great on and off the water. Available at most Sunglass Huts.

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I've been using GAMMA lines for over 10 years. The line is the most consistent and reliable line I've ever used. The EDGE fluorocarbon line is so strong! I use a lot of GAMMA Torque braid with Edge leaders. They tell me "Molecular Alteration" is the fundamental basis of "Nanotechnology", which is a technology used to develop higher strength structural materials. After GAMMA processing, the "Molecularly Altered" filaments have an unprecedented combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and low memory compared to filaments of the same or similar material composition. The resulting line is so unique, it's patented. GAMMA provides the angler with more accurate casts, natural presentations, and greater fishfighting capability.


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TEVA Footwear

When I started fishing professionally, I used to wear basketball shoes...boy were my feet sore. In the summer, they were hot and in the winter they were cold. I have been wearing TEVA sandals since 1996. There is nothing more comfortable that you can wear year round. In the summer, my feet are cool. In the winter, with my Seal Skinz socks, my feet are warm. TEVA sandals allow your feet to breath without cutting off circulation.

In addition to year-round comfort, TEVA Sandals provide all of the support I need to stand on my feet all day long! TEVAs come in many styles and with a variety of sole patterns and materials for any outdoor activity. I wear TEVAs on and off the water.

My back, legs and feet are never sore! Look around! You'll notice a lot of guys wearing them. Go with the original. GO.DO.BE

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Logo for SealSkinz HANZ Legendary Extremity Wear Waterproof Socks and Gloves
Wet feet are no fun! The waterproof and breathable Hanz socks and gloves are great for fishing. The socks not only keep your feet dry, but warm as well. We wear these always in the winter, rain or shine, and in the summer, to keep our feet dry. Hanz gloves are so functional, besides keeping your hands dry and warm, they offer the control needed to be able to cast, even a baitcasting reel! With the rubber grip dots, Hanz gloves are great for landing fish as well! Check out

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Jack's Juice Bait Spray
If you have fished as much as we have, then you have run across scents that you spray, dip or rub into your plastic baits. You probably wonder why the companies that make plastic worms spend all that time and money cooking in scents, salts and other "food" into the baits, well. It's because they work!

"Add-on" sprays and such try to accomplish two things. One, they are trying to mask any human odor that you might have when you come into contact with the bait. Secondly, the scents add an attractant that will appeal to a fish's sense of smell and taste.

Which one is right for you? I have tried many, but when I talked to Woo Daves, right after he won the 2000 BASSMASTERS Classic, he credited Jack's Juice for his impressive victory. I though I would give Jack's Juice a try. The first thing I did was to spray a small amount into a bag of baits. The next day, I noticed that the scent was still there. I hooked a worm on and fished. I noticed two things. First, the fish held onto the bait and swam with it, making strikes very detectable. Next, I noticed that the scent stayed on the bait after I had used it for several fish, and laid out on the deck of my boat in the hot sun, even the next day! Jack's Juice penetrates and stays in the plastic, without making the bait harder!

The real test was using this with my client who was trying to learn the subtleties of plastics fishing. It worked! Guys who were having trouble catching fish on plastics were hooking up like old pros. Jack's Juice really works. Stop by to find out more.

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Mizmo Tubes

In 1998 lifelong fishermen from Northeast Arkansas Jimmy Cox, Pamela Wood & Troy Cox with over 97 years of fishing experience & 30 years of experience in the design and production of fishing related products created the best tube I have ever fished. The colors, size and shape work in every condition I need. They also have created the INSIDER jighead with a wide gap hook and inside-the-tube weight providing a weedless presentation. The tradition continues under new ownership. MIZMO BARBWIRE shaky heads are the best! Doodle worms, swimbaits, and a solid line of soft plastics available.

The research team at Mizmo, Inc., developed a revolutionary fish attractant that has proved time and time again to increase strikes and holding time; two things that definitely help catch more fish. It does so by turning an ordinary plastic bait into part of a fish's everyday diet, primarily other fish. Mizmo has processed a special selection of bait fish into a truely unique fish attractant. This deadly mixture is "The EDGE". Since "The EDGE" smells and tastes just like fish, when the bass takes it in its mouth it doesn't let go!

Mizmo tubes come in a load of Potomac River colors...I like the green pumpkin candy. They also have some other great baits like thier Swamp Monster creature bait!

"The EDGE" catches more bass. "The EDGE" - just another reason why I say, "Mizmo - Knows Fishing !" See the entire product line at


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Jann's Netcraft has been the complete source for Lure Making, Rod building, Fly tying, Soft plastics, Fish hooks, Net making, and specialty fishing tackle supplies for over 65 years! More than just a rod building supplier, has the latest tackle at great prices! Stocking your tackle box, including the tackle boxes, has never been easier!

Check their site for updated items!

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Silver Buddy Lures
When the late Carl Maxfield won the BASSMASTERS Maryland Top 150 tournament on the Potomac River in August, 2000, he stunned a lot of fishermen with his choice of lures...we weren't surprised. The 1/4 ounce Silver Buddy blade bait was the ticket for Maxfield, an unlikely lure for summer conditions. Not true, we have a Silver Buddy tied on year-round! These are the original blade bait and come in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and one-ounce sizes, silver, gold or chameleon. We use them, because they catch anything that swims. Chances are you will see one of these baits with National Bass Guide Service.

When you visit the Silver Buddy web site,, check out the Saltwater Series, and the Big Gamefish Series.

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