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9/11/01: A day that will live in infamy!

What a difference a week makes. First of all, I have been taking in a lot of information and TV pictures of the attack on America. I have always been proud to be an American. I feel pride whenever hearing the National Anthem, or God Bless America, or other patriotic songs. Our flag now brings even more meaning to our great freedoms.

I was fishing with a client on Tuesday, across from National Airport. It is always noisy with all of the plane traffic. A friend of mine, Derek Moyer pulled up to the same spot and was listening to music when his station interrupted with the news of the attack on New York. We were in disbelief, when one of my passengers noted a different flight path of an aircraft. Then we saw the terrible black smoke, and then the attack on the U.S. became a solid reality. We raced to the Pentagon to see if we could help in some way. Once we arrived, we felt helpless amidst the terror on shore. The terror continued with reports of more planes in the air, car bombs going off at Government buildings, including the bombing of the Capitol Building. Fortunately, no further attacks materialized. Now, nearly a week after this attack on freedom, our country is united and our President has the resolve to persist in the fight to preserve our freedom by taking the offensive against terrorists and those who house and support them.

On Wednesday, I tried to fish above the Wilson Bridge (this shoreline has National Airport, Bolling AFB, and access to Washington), but was turned back by armed Coast Guard personnel. The same thing happened on Thursday. The Potomac is closed above the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, TFN. The river was conspicuously empty as were the skies above, vacant except for the occasional helicopter or military fighter.

I don't think we will ever get back to "normal", but as Americans we will remain free with more freedoms and rights than any other people in the world. Until then, we will continue to enjoy limited freedoms. Yes we will have to wait longer at airports, Reagan National may never reopen, and the fear of the memories of last weeks declaration of war on the United States will last for a long time. While we have never been able to put a price on freedom, the costs of the past week will be a downpayment on the preservation of our way of life and for the fight against those who resort to terror. While their message was unclear, ours will be! This is the greatest country in the world. God Bless America!

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