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Warren Cromarty with 5.2 lb largemouth bassAttached is a photo of a 5.2 lb largemouth bass. It was the largest bass I caught under your excellent guidance in a day of fishing in the Potomac River. All things considered I had a great day. I caught at least 8 bass in the 2-3 lb range with a couple of catfish in the 8-10lb range just for fun. Given it was the middle of July on a hot, bright and sunny day the catch exceeded my expectations. I’m an “old guy”, a self avowed “fish-a-holic”, who’s been fishing my whole life. What I particularly enjoyed about our trip was the education you provided me about fishing tackle and technique, fishing the Potomac and just fishing bass in general. You definitely taught this old dog some new tricks. See you in September and, I would seriously consider a November trip with you…put me on the list of people to call when you see a good weather day coming up.

Warren H. Cromarty

Vice President, Warner Construction Consultants, Dulles Metrorail Project

Carroll Hauptle with 4.2 lb largemouth bass Just wanted to thank you for the marvelous fishing trip. Amazing how I drive past the Potomac every day on the way to my office, but this was my first opportunity to experience the thrill, and the scenic beauty, of fishing on the river.

And thrilling it was. I knew we were into some fish when we hit the spot on the opposite shore and starting casting into the sunken wreckage. What I didn't know was there there was a 4.2 lb. largemouth bass, my largest yet, with my name on it. Pulling that baby out the deep was a total hit, and so was watching it swim off to freedom after a spell in your live well. Using the Mann's Spinnerbait was easy, and productive.

I am certainly not the only person you have guided to tell you this, but let me add to the chorus: You're the best. I am ready to go again on short notice (10 minutes will do). Everybody in my family wants to get on the bandwagon, too.

Carroll Hauptle

David Brandt with 6.4 lb largemouth bassThanks for a wonderful time out on the Potomac. I couldn't believe it only took ten minutes from my office to the marina, and another ten minutes to catch my first fish. You where very patient with me and guided me to catch many fish. I even lost count...which is rare for me since I am an accountant. Not only did I catch a lot of fish, I also caught this 6 pound 4 ounce beauty?

David Brandt




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