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No more BROKEN transducers!

Many of the electronics out on the market are very reliable. But, there is still an Achilles heel! Your transducer!

Trolling motor transducers, costing $75 or $135 for SI units will break off when you hit a piece of cover. This can happen when going into shallow water or hitting a submerged piece of cover! The "ear" that holds the transducer to your trolling motor will break and you can try everything to put it back doesn’t work! So, you need to buy a new transducer! WRONG!!!!! Transducer Shield and Saver will allow you to take the "broken" long as it is still working and attach it again to your trolling motor, even when the mounting arm or slots are gone! Just insert the transducer into the Transducer Shield & Saver® and save money in addition, the transducer will be protected and could be the last one you ever buy!

The patented Transducer Shield & Savers are one-piece construction in high-strength black powder coated aluminum. Featuring a sleek Hydrodynamic Design, these shields are custom fit for many models, including Lowrance®, Garmin® Once installed, and they are easy to install!, the Transducer Saver & Shield will protect your transducer from impact damage and will not interfere with the transducer signal. The sleek hydrodynamic design also reduces collection of debris and cuts through the water to improve trolling motor performance while keeping the transducer positioned correctly on the trolling motor.  Without your Transducer Shield & Saver, your transducer might come out of line and you won’t know it!  These have been designed, tested and fished with by fishermen and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

And, they make $ense!  Only $39.95 for regular transducers and up to $79.95 for the expensive Side Imaging transducers!  But don’t wait until your transducer breaks!  Get one now and avoid the hassle later! Detailed directions on trolling motor and transom style mounts. Check them out:



Steve Chaconas is a bass fishing guide on the Potomac.  For updated Potomac River reports, go to:  Contact him at

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