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The Tackle-Rack comes with a hinged lid and dividers

Too many lures, too little time? One of the biggest problems I see with a lot of fishermen is that they are distracted and confused by their own tackle systems. Some guys bring every lure they own on every trip. I don't. If you every see me with more than 4 rods on the deck, I am just as confused as you.

First of all, if you use too many different lures from different manufacturers, you really don't develop a "feel" for each bait and fully understand its use. This is one of the reasons why I have reduced the number of manufacturers that I use. I find that each company's baits I use has me covered for just about every situation and season.

About three years ago, I began to trim the amount of tackle I brought with me. At first it was because all of my tackle got wet and I didn't want to have that much stuff get wet again. I was also fishing with a lot of different guys, sometimes I would fish in three or four boats in a week. This meant that I also had to be "portable" with my tackle. I dramatically reduced the amount of hard baits to one Tackle Logic 3780. I usually have baits according to season. For colors, I have narrowed that selection down to the one or two main colors and one or two "experimental" colors. I have enough baits for me and 2 clients on board.

This box contains: Mann's: Baby 1-minus, Baby 4-minus, , Loudmouth I & II & III, 10+, 15+, 20+. Lucky Craft: Pointer 78 & 100, LV-100 & LV-500, CB Crankbaits series. This collection will catch fish at all depths. I will modify for each season, adding a few and taking a few out.

I will also have top waters in their own smaller box. Mann's: Chug-n-spit, Classic Buzzbait, Disco Dawg. Lucky Craft Sammys and G-Splash.

An even smaller box will have an assortment of Silver Buddy lures.

A soft sided Tackle Logic spinnerbait bag loaded with an assortment of Hank Parker Classic spinnerbaits, with Mustad Ultra Point trailer hooks, plastic spinnerbait trailers, and some extra skirts.

I have a variety of plastics, mainly Berkley Power tubes, worms and lizards. A can or two of Jack's Juice is with me as well. One bag for terminal tackle, loaded with all sizes and styles of Mustad Ultra Point hooks, and a pair of needle nose pliers and I am ready.

But, here is another problem. As organized as this system appears to be, it still involves several boxes. It also means that I can't see all of my baits, or get just one out at a time without getting all tangled.

I am evaluating a new lure management system from Finovationz, Inc. This box is great for guides like me, tournament anglers and weekend anglers alike! You can store up to 70 lures tangle free and pretty much have everything you need to fish the river with hard baits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, topwaters, and Silver Buddies...and not take up as much space. I don't know of anyone who has a need for 70 baits on the boat! Or you can get different boxes for different bodies of water you fish and take only the lures that work on that body of water. The Tackle-Rack system even has space for weights and frequently used hooks (I use a lot of 3/0 Mustad Ultra Point Tube hooks). While it certainly has room for plastics, I still like to carry a bag with a wider variety.

So now I have solved my "portability" problem. I wondered about my tackle getting wet. The Tackle-Rack also has holes that can be punched out in the bottom of the case to customize your unit to allow any water that enters to drain. You can further customize your box with removable dividers.

Getting your tackle organized is the first step in making your time on the water more productive. Having this box on the deck with your baits available for you to see, will help you to adapt to changing conditions, quickly. If you don't know you have it, you won't be able to use it. A system like this also allows you to keep the appropriate inventory, tangle-free, with you as seasons change. It will force you to be more disciplined when it comes to tackle choice and tackle shopping. It will also be more of a "tool" box than a storage system for all of the gear you have accumulated.

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