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Monofilament Manageability And Body
With Spiderwire Strength And Sensitivity

Finally, a superline that is practical! Since the introduction of these lines over a decade ago, I have tried most of them and have not been impressed with their overall performance. "Rod wrap" "air knots" and fraying has made me a skeptic. But, the low stretch and sensitivity kept me interested.

Along comes a Spiderline that boasts being the world's strongest, thinnest, most sensitive family of fishing lines. Spiderwire introduces new Spiderwire Stealth, quiet, smooth casting superbraid.

Stealth flows smoothly and quietly off the reel spool and shoots through the rod guides like a bullet for long, accurate casts. The secret to Stealth is its ultra thin, tight weave construction and Teflon® pressure-treated micro fibers.

Unlike the 50-year old technology of wax coating braided lines, the Teflon
treatment process used in Stealth permeates the entire braid and won't wear off. The line maintains its reliable round cross-section cast after cast.

Stealth fishes like a monofilament line. It won't "dig in" to the reel
spool, cut rod guides or destroy reel guide parts. With Stealth, there are
no more worries about whip-knotting or low knot strength. And backlash
frustrations fly out the window.

Stealth exhibits exceptional knot performance, but for best results a
Palomar knot is recommended. Lay down a monofilament backing on reel spools before loading Stealth to prevent line slippage on the reel spool. Use a Uni knot to join the monofilament to Stealth. Reel spools should not be overfilled and because of the near zero stretch of Stealth, anglers should back off the power when setting the hook. A lighter action rod is also encouraged.

I am using this line for long casts with topwaters, Carolina rigs, and pitching in heavy cover.

Spiderwire Stealth is available in 150-yard and 300-yard spools in tracer
yellow and moss green. Line strengths range from a 10-pound test line with 2-pound test monofilament diameter to a 100-pound test line with 20-pound test monofilament diameter.

The suggested retail price of new Spiderwire Stealth begins at $15.45 for
the 10/2 - 150 yard spool and goes to $36.95 for the 100/20-yard spool.

To find out more about the Spiderwire Stealth fishing line or any Spider
fishing product, call Spider Angler Services at 1-877-502-6482 or visit the
Spider website at

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