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Punisher Jigs available in 7 color combinations/ Unique rattle inserts into plastic chunks

Jigs are one of the most effective tools for largemouth and can be fished in any depth, any cover and year-round. With so many to choose, selecting the right one is tough. Heavily pressured waters like the Potomac require a "small" advantage, for two reasons.

First, a slower descent will attract the attention of wary bass, especially during cold fronts and fall and winter seasons. Second, the smaller profile is a good idea when fishing behind others. Enter the hair jig. The typical hair jig has a smaller profile than the standard skirted jigs. Hair jigs tend to flare a bit less also creating a smaller profile. These baits also will fall slowly especially when a trailer is added.

If you are fishing in the colder months, the hair jig can be fished on 6 pound test and up. Slowly dragging this bait across the bottom or making short hops down the drops will produce most times of the year. Not many guys are throwing this bait on the river as it has been a staple of smallmouth fishermen, so the fish are not used to seeing this bait as well.

Colors are important and the best color patterns I have seen are the hand tied Punisher Jigs, available in 7 color schemes. This is a first-rate company based in Tennessee. I first used these hair jigs when I fished Dale Hollow. I checked in with the late Billy Westmoreland and he told me to check out this local bait. I was already catching some fish on Billy's other favorite, the Silver Buddy, but was willing to give this bait a try. The Punisher Jigs starts with a quality hook, Gamakatsu with the best weedguard I have used. The weedguard is a double wire that allows the bait to come through heavy cover while not interfering with hooksets. The finish on the heads is awesome! Each jig is hand dipped in "Pro Tech" powder paint then oven cured providing a chip proof finish. The "hair" is a synthetic that actually "breathes" when in the water. The finishing touch is a really innovative rattle system that incorporates a plastic chunk. This rattle is really loud in a metal chamber and also holds the chunk on the hook and in place. This is a really great system. I use this on my conventional Mann's Stone jigs.

Does this bait work on the Potomac River? You bet it does! I have had great success with the bait at Blue Plains in the green/orange combination with the green chunk. In other areas on the river, I have relied on the blue/black combination with the blue chunk. I am throwing this on 6-10 pound test in the clearer waters at Blue Plains and 10-14 pound test for the rest of the river. The heavier line also slows the descent of the bait.

While the plastic chunks contain garlic attractant, I still spray some Jack's Juice in the pack before use.

Punisher Jigs are available in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8 oz.

For more information, check out

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