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Cutting Hooks for Silver Buddys

Classic Champion Kevin VanDam had a problem. His favorite blade bait didn't have his favorite hooks, the Mustad Triple Grip Ultra Point Trebles. VanDam feels that fish have a harder time throwing these hooks. In an attempt to solve this dilemma, VanDam tried split rings, but he felt this interfered with the fine balance that puts out the great vibes that attracts the fish.

What will VanDam do? After speaking with Silver Buddy President, Kendall Banks, VanDam will now "cut" his hooks for his Silver Buddy lures. Banks said that before hook manufacturers made the split shank trebles, his company had to cut the lower part of the eye of the hook and snap them into place on the Silver Buddy lures. This was certainly the solution for VanDam. Banks called VanDam and explained the procedure to him. Relying on years of experience and thousands of cut hooks, Banks assured VanDam that this was the answer to his problem.

The first step in cutting hooks for Silver Buddy lures is to have a solid pair of cutters. After cutting the eye of the hook near the bottom close to the shank, use your cutter to twist the eye of the hook, to create a gap. Snap the hook directly on the Silver Buddy and use the body of the bait to twist the cut gap closed again. Now you have your favorite treble on your favorite blade bait.

Written by Steve Chaconas,

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