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So you have a boat for sale or you are looking to buy…where do you go? What do you do?

The first thing you can do is spread the word through your existing network...your club, other clubs, tackle shop bulletin boards, and even on-line.

The best way to buy or sell a boat is with professionals. I sell my boats after keeping them for a year. To sell them in a timely manner and to get the best price, I use two very effective resources. Angler's Choice Marine has a website where you can list your boat with photos and description. Their sales people will work the deal for you. They have financing, the ability to sell extended warranties, and they process the tag & title work. The costs are reasonable at $10/month...$895 at time of sale. Here you reach across the country. Call Nick or Heather at 1-276-632-5600 or

Next, the best regional way to sell or buy a boat is to run a three-line or 25-word classified in the Woods & Waters Outdoor Classified Section for only $15/month. Send your info to or fax it to 540/894-5973. They also take classifieds for trucks, outboards and fishing/hunting gear.

If you really are serious about selling your boat...and you should be....use Angler's Choice and Woods & Waters. This will cover the boat buying/selling market.

Dealers don't have a lot of inventory, nor do they sell the amount of units that car dealers sell. A large dealer might sell 100-200 boats a year. It takes a while to make a boat and the factories don't crank them out like Detroit. Dealers will and have to make a few bucks on the product and the manufacturer wants to keep prices up as well. They don't do the volume to give them away like the auto industry.

The best time to buy a boat is at the end of the model year, which varies from manufacturer.

Check the Internet for new boats for sale won in tournaments. Most guys will try to dump these boats fast!

Negotiate with your dealer but remember, service after the sale is extremely important! Generally dealers will negotiate around 5% off MSRP, depending on inventory and sales activity.

Buying a used boat is tricky. I would only buy from a dealer, never an individual. There are just too many things that an individual might hide or omit without knowing. The 2 cycle engines need to be run a lot and often to keep them trouble free. When they sit, they give you fits! So if you shop for one with a lot of hours, it is not always bad, likewise, low hours might not be good either. A dealer would be able to sell you an extended warranty and offer financing. Buying from a dealer will at least give you some recourse in case of problems.

There are several ways to get a good deal on a boat. Some dealers have Pro Staff with prize boats for sale and will help them sell their prize boats. You can get a great deal on a prize boat. They will sell you the certificate and you might be able to upgrade for a cost.

Buying a TEAM boat. These are boats that the TEAM member got at a cost or below price and is willing usually to sell for taking over the payments. This is a good deal, because most of the TEAMS require their members to sell the boat in the first year. The TEAM member will try to sell right away because his next boat will usually mean a better deal for him with each boat he turns over. Buy the extended warranty!

As far as pricing of a used boat, this can be done roughly with the NADA book. Your bank or library might have one. But, every boat is so different and unless you are extremely specific on what you want, comparing apples with apples might be tough.

For me, I like buying new. But, I believe that the best deal is buying used. Get it checked out and purchase a warranty! The best deal you can hope for is a fair one with great service to back it up! Ask around. Are your friends happy with their dealer. Are you happy with your dealer? Find the right dealer and the boat will sell itself.

I strongly recommend my dealer. Contact Bill Horne with Angler's Choice at 1-276-632-5600 or internet:

My boat is always for me for information.

703-360-3472, cell 703-380-7119, email

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