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One of my favorite professional bass fishermen is Jay Yelas. He was the first professional bass fisherman I ever interviewed. I was impressed by his ability to communicate and his professionalism. Not only is he a quality fisherman, he is a quality person. I think he really feels that the latter is more important than the former.

His BASSMaster Career Statistics speak for themselves:

Career Winnings: $ 845,782 Season Winnings: $ 144,500 Events Fished: 155 Money Finishes: 102 1st Place Finishes: 4 2nd Place Finishes: 3 3rd Place Finishes: 7 Top 10 Finishes: 45 B.A.S.S. All-Time $ list: 10.

Choosing colors is tough for a lot of fishermen. Jay explains his strategy for color selection.

"Color is about 1% of the bass catching equation in muddy water, 5% in stained water and 10% in clear water. Bass feed more by sight in clear water, and they get a better look at your bait so color is more important in clear water than muddy water.

Lets talk jigs and plastics first. In muddy water just about any old dark color will do on a cloudy day. Sometimes you have to go to lighter colors, or flashier colors on sunny days. In stained water, I like a broad range of colors, with green pumpkin and black/blue being to long time favorites. In clear water, your more translucent colors are best, stuff like watermelon and pumpkinseed and smoke.

In crankbaits, I prefer chartreuse patterns in muddy and stained water and shad or crawdad patterns in clear water.

With spinners, I use char/white in muddy water, char/white or white in stained water, and shad patterns in clear water."

For more information on Jay Yelas, visit his website:


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