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One of the last things we think about before we step onto our boat or any other boat, should be the first! Insurance is your best protection, besides a PFD, as a boater or a passenger. If there should be an accident, you want to be sure that you are covered. If your guide does not have commercial/charter insurance, YOU ARE NOT COVERED!

We have chosen to insure our boats with BoatUS. We searched across the country and were not able to find anyone with more experience...43 years! If you are a boater, we strongly recommend that you check with BoatUS 1-800-804-2628 for a no-obligation quote. If you're are a passenger, make sure the boat you step into has adequate coverage with a high quality company!

If you own a bass boat, take the time to chat with BoatUS! Their coverages are higher, deductables lower and they offer features others DO NOT have, specifically designed for bass boaters, tournament fishermen and guides! I made the switch!

And you have the added bonus of having BoatUS standing behind you. The Boat Owners Association of The United States has been providing savings, service and representation to millions of boat owners nationwide since 1966. Today BoatUS is the nation's most powerful advocate for advancing the interests of boaters and the single source to meet all boaters needs.

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BoatUS - Boat Owners Association of the United States
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